Nitrotherm Spray system

The NITROTHERMSPRAY SYSTEM is an innovation of EUROSIDER that allows spray painting of the highest quality: both the method and the machine have been patented by EUROSIDER.

In this system, the traditional fluid carrier (dried and filtered compressed air) is replaced with modified nitrogen enriched air ( N2 up to 99,5%) perfectly clean, ionized and dried (dew point @ 1 Atm: -60°C) having a temperature (regulated between +5 and +80°C) and pressure (regulated between 0,5 and 8 bar/gs) ready for an optimal application, and evaporation of the layer of paint sprayed both for varnishes (mono-components, bi-components, polyurethanes, vinyl, metallic, water base) as well as for any type of liquid resin.

In comparison to the traditional systems of spray painting, the advantages gained with the versatile and effective NITROTHERMSPRAY SYSTEM are many:

  1. Clean, dry carrier fluid: extracted by means of selective permeation, is absolutely free of d amp and any trace of impurities (dust, vesicular oil and oil fumes or other chemical contaminants present in the feed air) that could react or interact with the paint;

  1. reduction of the overspray and rebounding particles: the paint particles, which no longer have electrostatic thanks to the ionized heated nitrogen, tend not to be lost in the environment where they are being sprayed as they are not attracted to less static surfaces (spray booths and operators), therefore creating a double advantage, that of the increased productivity, as the majority of the paint is on the surface of the piece ( important when painting vertical, with specific anti scratch and corrosive products), and of reduction of spray booths filter maintenance costs;

  1. reduction in fumes in the spray booth and of dripping: the heated nitrogen carrier reduces the driving pressure of the paint bringing advantages like a reduction in solvents (from 40% down to 7-10%), a reduction in harmful emissions into the atmosphere, higher gloss finish with fewer coats, reduced risk of dripping and sags.

  1. Elimination of “orange peel”: to be able to have a high gloss finish all the solvents must have evaporated before the surface hardens, otherwise it fills with micro pores that give an overall opaque effect. By spraying with heated nitrogen this kind of problem is eliminated seeing that the amount of solvent used is considerably reduced. Also the regulating of the outlet temperature of the ionized nitrogen in any climatic condition, helps the evaporation and the delivery of the paint, reducing time and costs of the flash off;

  1. with NITROTHERMSPRAY SYSTEM your firm has the highest available technology in the production of ionized nitrogen, having a source of nearly pure nitrogen that can be used for other uses too, like the re-sealing of the paint in partially used cans and protecting spay painting equipment against oxidization.
    NITROTHERMSPRAY SYSTEMS can be connected to all types of compressors, they can be wall mounted or easily moved around in the free standing version; they can also be placed together with a traditional compressor as one, which is an ideal solution for ship builders. The distribution of nitrogen to more than one spray booth can be had by using the TOPSPRAY system.


Nitrotherm Spray Profile - Italy